Harry Davis heads home after rehab and wound care.

On Nov. 15, 2017, Harry Davis arrived at Life Care Center of Morgan County in Wartburg, Tennessee, with encephalopathy (brain disease), weakness and an unstageable pressure sore wound.


The care team got to work on helping Davis regain his independence and health, and healing the wound, which was 10 by 3 centimeters. Debbie Adams and Chris Dechatonnayree served as his wound care nurses, performing wound management daily. The therapy team provided a pressure-relief cushion for him and educated him on how to turn positions while in chairs or in bed.


When Davis got to Life Care Center of Morgan County, he required some assistance for grooming, walking, transferring from one surface to another, standing and even sitting in his wheelchair. He was suffering from some confusion due to the encephalopathy and had difficulty speaking and understanding. He also had some trouble with swallowing.


Davis worked on strengthening and endurance in physical therapy, often using the NuStep® exercise machines to work out his lower body and core. In occupational therapy, he practiced his activities of daily living and used the Omnicycle machine to exercise his upper body and regain dexterity. Speech therapists focused on helping him with cognition, speech, swallowing and safety awareness for when he returned home.


On Nov. 29, Davis was able to go home to his wife with home health care. His wound had shrunk to a stage II wound 2 cm square, and he was able to walk farther and get around with supervision instead of active assistance. His cognition, speech, understanding, swallowing and self-care skills had also improved.


“I received such great care and therapy here,” Davis said. “I’m so thankful for Life Care. I’m feeling so much better.”