Left to right: Connee Wyatt, certified nursing assistant; Jan Webb; Krista Shelton, CNA; and Lea Potter, physical therapist

Jan Webb, 46, was unfortunate enough to be involved in two car accidents, which caused multiple fractures of her spine.


After having surgery to fuse her spine, Webb came to Life Care Center of Morgan County in Wartburg, Tennessee, on May 12, 2017. She needed total assistance for all of her mobility, as well as bathing, and extensive assistance to get dressed. She needed minimal assistance with her hygiene, self-feeding and medication management.


“I was in so much pain when I left the hospital I didn’t think therapy was possible,” Webb remembered. “The therapists here pushed me just the right amount.”


Physical and occupational therapists worked with Webb for 15 days out of her 19-day stay. When she arrived, she could not put weight on her feet, so they started her off sitting down. They used progressive resistive exercises to improve her strength and endurance, often using a therapeutic exercise ball to help train her on balance. When she was cleared to bear weight, they began working with her on gait training.


“Now I am able to stand and walk,” Webb said. “Thank you, Life Care.”


Webb returned home on May 31, independent in her bed mobility, ability to transfer from one surface to another, sitting and most of her self-care activities. She only needed supervision to walk and bathe.