William Clark with Sarah Young, physical therapist assistant

William Clark, a retired TVA worker, was doing yardwork at home when he flipped his tractor, breaking his leg and several ribs.


Clark had surgery at the University of Tennessee Medical Center and came to Life Care Center of Morgan County for rehabilitation on Sept. 2.


When he arrived, Clark needed extensive assistance to bathe and to get up and down, such as out of bed or from a wheelchair into a regular chair. He needed moderate assistance to balance while standing and walk, as well as with his grooming. Getting dressed also required some assistance.


Clark took part in Life Care’s Ready… Set… Go! program, intensive therapy designed to help patients get home quickly and safely. He did physical and occupational therapy seven days a week, working on strengthening his arms and legs and practicing the home skills he would need. Therapists used the Omnicycle machine to exercise his upper and lower body from a seated position and increase his stamina. They also used diathermy to assist with tissue healing and pain reduction.


“I loved all my therapists,” said Clark. “I have all positives when it comes to this facility.”


Clark met his goals and returned to his Oakdale, Tennessee home on Oct. 5. He was independent in all his daily self-care activities and able to balance better. He was able to walk with supervision and is now continuing his therapy as an outpatient three days a week.