Left to right: Sarah Young, physical therapist assistant; Cynthia Poland; and Lea Potter, physical therapist

Cynthia Poland is thriving again in her home after a total knee replacement, thanks to rehabilitation at Life Care Center of Morgan County in Wartburg, Tennessee.


After worsening pain in her knee, Poland underwent surgery at Methodist Medical Center in Oak Ridge by Dr. Randall Robbins.


On Sept. 7, 2017, Poland arrived at Life Care Center of Morgan County for inpatient rehabilitation. She was no stranger to the facility, having worked there as a certified nursing assistant. When she arrived as a patient, she needed moderate assistance to walk, get in and out of bed and balance while standing. She also needed light assistance with daily activities of living such as grooming, bathing and getting dressed.


Physical and occupational therapists worked with Poland seven times a week, using tools such as the NuStep® exercise machine and Biodex Balance System SD to regain strength, endurance and balance. As she progressed, she even practiced going up and down stairs.


“I loved the therapists and nurses here at Life Care,” said Poland. “They took great care of me. I’m looking forward to returning here for outpatient therapy.”


Poland returned home to her husband on Sept. 22, independent in her balance and most of her self-care tasks. She also only requires supervision for walking, getting dressed and standing up and sitting down.


She started outpatient therapy at Life Care Center of Morgan County on Sept. 26 to regain even more independence.