James Foust

James Foust arrived at Life Care Center of Morgan County in Wartburg, Tennessee, on May 25, 2017, to recover strength that was lost during his recent bypass surgery.


Foust also sought assistance in gaining back normal functions that were hindered by heart disease and acute kidney disease.


To recover, Foust received physical, occupational and speech therapies. He attended physical therapy seven days a week and occupational and speech therapy five days a week.


“I am really happy with the services and therapy I received here,” said Foust. “This is a great facility.”


Therapists had Foust use the Omnicycle, an advanced therapeutic cycle that helped support faster strength and coordination gain. Foust also used the NuStep® to improve his heart health.


“I’m amazed at how well he progressed here,” said Foust’s daughter. “Your therapists and nurses are amazing. Thank you all so much!”


Foust graduated the therapy program independent in all areas. He was able to return home to his family on June 14 knowing that he could perform his daily living activities on his own.